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Night out in Black and White

Sunday, 8 November 2015

White Jeans (River Island) // Black sleeveless crop top (TopShop ) // White Skirt (NewLook) // Black long sleeve top (H&M) 

I don't know if you realised but yeah we have (differently) matching outfits, which we didn't even plan haha!  As soon as we went out all I could think about was McDonald's chicken nuggets. I get hungry quite often, but before we got some food, Korey and I spent about 5 hours drinking and taking selfies, as girls do. So yeah here are the results of our fun night! By the way, it was freezing cold, and the regret of not taking a jacket with me while we were walking to get food was major lol. The cold was worth the nuggets though.


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Well, this Halloween post won't have anything scary about it, no scary faces or scary costumes, just pizza and wine. Yep, this is  Halloween 2015 and I don't regret one bit of it haha! Although we didn't get to see the ''Babadook'' because we couldn't get it loud enough, we watched ''The Omen'' and ''The Exorcist'' instead. And my stomach was full of pizza before we even chose a film to watch... oops... Also, since we watched the old Exorcist it was more funny than scary but disturbing at the same time? The first film was alright, nothing gory or terrifying just a demonic child trying to kill his family lol. 

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