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Sunday, 31 May 2015

My boyfriend and I stayed on this beautiful island for 7 days, it was amazing! The people there are extremely friendly and the food is delicious, we ended up trying a few restaurants and 1 out of 10 of them wasn't that great. I was embarrassing my boyfriend with a selfie stick quite a bit haha, but at least I managed to take some pictures of us together. We ended up going on a boat trip too, where we had to jump into this horribly salty water and swim to the cave, not gonna lie I did panic a bit haha. Overall the Naxos island is beautiful and great for holiday, there is quite a bit to visit, which me and my boyfriend didn't know, so we didn't have time to see it all:/ But even chilling on the beach in the warm sun with a little breeze was great.


Sunday, 17 May 2015

So me and my boyfriend went to Kassel for 3 days to attend my now God-daughters Christening, unfortunately we couldn't visit a lot as we didn't have much time, but we will most likely go back there as the place is really beautiful. The weather was really nice compared to England, really sunny and warm. On the first day we went to see the Hercules castle which from you can see the whole city, the view was absolutely incredible! On the second day we couldn't do much as it was my God-daughters Christening, but I still managed to get some pictures. And finally on the third day we went to see the town and look around the shops which resulted in shopping!

Black&White outfit

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

 Top £12 (NewLook) // Kimono £14.99 (H&M) // Jeans £40 (River Island) // Bag £19.99 (River Island) // Shoes £4 (Primark)

Well, today I decided to experiment with my nails and file them into a different shape instead of leaving them pointy. Then the outfit ended up matching my nails (which I'm really happy about lol) so I thought I'd take a few pictures. And now I am getting back to revision which will be the end of me!! If any of you have exams soon then you know how I feel and good luck with them!

DIY: How to turn a simple t-shirt into a summery top.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The steps for this tutorial are really simple, but if you want a baggy top make sure you get a t-shirt two sizes bigger than you normally do. I didn't realise that the neck of this top is going to be this big so I didn't have to cut the neck out to pull it over my shoulder, but if you want to do it then use the same steps as with cutting bottom of the t-shirt.

1. Make sure you have sharp scissors!
2. Put the top on and see where you would like to cut the sleeves and the bottom off of the t-shirt (use white crayon, pastel or soap bar to mark it)
3. Now lay out the t-shirt and using a ruler make lines (if you want to make a fancy bottom do a half circle, it might take a few minutes before you get it perfect or make a wonky line)
4. See if both sleeves are the same distance from the collar, check if the line at the bottom of the t-shirt is where you want it to be by wearing it.
5. Cut carefully!
6. Put your new summery top and enjoy!!!!

Sleek Vamp Lipstick

Friday, 1 May 2015

Sleek Vamp Lipstick £4.99

So I bought this Sleek Vamp Lipstick today as I thought that matte dark lipsticks seem to be quite trendy lately so I gave it a go. The colour of the lipstick looks a bit darker in real life than it does in the picture, as it's more "purply". Anyway if you're looking to purchase something like M.A.C lipstick, but a cheaper version cause you don't know if it will suit you, then I recommend getting Sleek lipstick instead. It washes off quite easily though which means that if you're going out you will most likely have to reapply it on to your lips a few times during the night, but then again it's easy to wash off so you won't have red marks all over your mouth, after you rub that wipe on your lips.