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Sleek Vamp Lipstick

Friday, 1 May 2015

Sleek Vamp Lipstick £4.99

So I bought this Sleek Vamp Lipstick today as I thought that matte dark lipsticks seem to be quite trendy lately so I gave it a go. The colour of the lipstick looks a bit darker in real life than it does in the picture, as it's more "purply". Anyway if you're looking to purchase something like M.A.C lipstick, but a cheaper version cause you don't know if it will suit you, then I recommend getting Sleek lipstick instead. It washes off quite easily though which means that if you're going out you will most likely have to reapply it on to your lips a few times during the night, but then again it's easy to wash off so you won't have red marks all over your mouth, after you rub that wipe on your lips.


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  2. Lovely colour! I haven't tried Sleeks products yet, but maybe i should give it a go. xx


    1. Yeah they seem to be really good with lip products!:)