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Spring Blue's

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

First of all I hope you're all enjoying the lovely sunny weather and your Easter holidays! Since I haven't uploaded anything here for a while I'll talk about two things: nails and hair. For this season, I decided that "spring blue's" will be a great accessory to all the camel and brown trendy colours which we hear about so much for the past few weeks. So I would like to present you some nail varnish colours which I think would look great as spring and summer colours!

The top colour is 'classic turquoise' which would go with any bright colour. The bottom colour is pastel 'bubble gum' which in my opinion would go from the casual to elegant looks and still look good!

The hair product I wanted to talk about it 'Moroccan Oil' which you can purchase online for about £30. At first I was questioning whether the product would be worth the money, but after reading so many positive reviews about it and after trying it myself, I can tell you this, my hair was never so soft and shiny! I highly recommend this to all ladies, with all types of hair. 

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